General preeminent features
Crystal Holidays
Crystal Bay Group released Crystal Holidays Card, offering the card ownership an exclusive right to stay at any hotels and resorts around the world. This is the first time in Vietnam existing a travel card with a host of preeminent features including:
– Enjoy vacation at more than 100,000 international hotels/resorts & 1,000 hotels/resorts in Vietnam.
– Experience free global travel insurance, accident insurance, annual health insurance for the duration of card ownership.
– Privilege priority to register to buy 01 resort real estate product (villas, serviced apartments, condotel) in projects invested by Crystal Bay.
– Get the holiday sale/leaseback benefit with prices not less than 2 times the holiday price or the number of the nights allowed in the card.
– Get the benefits to divide the number of annual nights into multiple holidays or convert the total number of nights of the year to the number of equivalent rooms for a holiday.