Benefits of Lily Card
With Lily Card, the card owner is entitled to register 3,5,7-night holidays in everywhere as well as all seasons for 25, 35, 50 years.
Unlimited destinations: Enjoy vacations at over 100.000 international 3*, 4*, 5* hotels, resorts & 1.000 3*, 4*, 5* hotels, resorts in Vietnam.
Insurance Benefit: Free global travel insurance, accident insurance, and annual health insurance during card ownership.
Priority to buy real estate: Each card owner has the priority to register to buy 01 real estate product (villa, serviced apartment, condotel) at projects owned by Crystal Bay. This regulation applies to the expiry of 84 months from the date of card issuance.
Resale card benefit: The investor commits to buy back the card at a price higher than the issuing value (a higher level is determined to be 6%/original price/year). This regulation applies after 84 months from the date of issuance and applies until the end of 120 months.
Holiday sale and lease benefit: To be entitled to sell/sublease the holiday at a price not lower than twice the holiday rate
Advance using benefit: Card owner can split the number of annual holiday nights into multiple vacations or convert the entire number of holiday nights of the year to the number of equivalent rooms for one holiday.