Crystal holidays Marina Van Don is a project that was established with the desire to bring visitors a whole new experience with a variety of vibrant, colorful photography spaces along with the romantic sea in the distance. Bai Tu Long Bay, part of the world natural heritage.

4 outstanding features only in Crystal holidays Marina Van Don?

Hotels, high-class restaurants, luxurious accommodations for tourists by boat, events – important conferences of the country. Offering a classy vacation experience only available at Crystal holidays Marina Van Don.

Restaurant and shopping area: Enjoy Vietnamese and International cuisines, including chain of famous brand shopping stores such as Chanel, Gucci, …

Ship maintenance service provides boat maintenance services, unique in Van Don.
Experience activities, entertainment on Bai Tu Long and on luxury yachts are designed in the most delicate and classy manner.

Besides, there is an important role in promoting tourism in Van Don and Quang Ninh. This is also the premise for organizing cultural and sports events, especially sailing races of international stature.