On 18th January, at the headquarters office, individuals and collectives who have excellent performance in the work have just been praised by the Board of Directors in the framework of the ceremony to honor the outstanding ones in 2019 of Crystal Holidays.

In 2019 with the spirit of “Connect to develop. Break through to success”, Crystal Holdidays has achieved many brilliant successes and continues to assert its position in the market.

These brilliant achievements are all thanks to the solidarity of all employees in Crystal Holidays and this ceremony is an official event for the Board of Directors pays special gratitude to all Crystal Holidays employees.

This year’s ceremony includes 5 honor prizes. The category of Excellent Sales Staff belongs to Mr. Tran Minh Cuong; Excellent Business Leader belongs to Mr. Nguyen Danh Thanh. In the category of Excellent Individual, there were two employees who were honored that Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong – Air Ticket Operating Department and Ms. Vu Hoang Anh – Marcom Department. The three devoted departments were chosen that the finance and accounting department, the Administration Department and the Contract Department.

Finally, at the ceremony, the outstanding Directors, Deputy Directors of the Travel Card Business Department were also awarded, including: Ms. Dang Thi Hong – Head of Travel Card Business Department; Mr. Dang Hoang Viet – Deputy Director of Travel Card Business Department; Mr. Nghiem Tuan Trung – Deputy Director of Travel Card Business Department; Ms. Phan Hoang Phong Thu – Director of Travel Card Business Department – Hanoi Branch and Mr. Chu Tuan Anh – Deputy Director of Travel Card Business Department – Ho Chi Minh Branch.

Also in the ceremony, two business leaders who had outstanding achievements in 2019, Mr. Nguyen Danh Thanh and Mr. Ngo Quang Chien, were promoted to Senior Business Managers. These were the new leadership positions of Travel Card Business Board of Crystal Holidays in 2020.

The ceremony was held to honor and reward individuals and collectives who had excellent performance in 2019. Thanks to that, the Board of Directors would also like to show appreciation and acknowledge to each employee. The Crystal Holidays’ staffs and leaders had been striving for the last year to bring the team forward and achieve great success.

​Buổi lễ vinh danh đã kết thúc tốt đẹp trong sự hân hoan của tập thể CBNV và BLĐ Crystal Holidays

In summary, Crystal Holidays is regarded as a long train, besides the main wagon, it is indispensable to have the auxiliary carriages, as well as the tow cars to guide the train’s route. The way this train moves, its speed and every part of the train is extremely important, it will determine the success of the collective. From 2020 to 2025, each individual and collective in Crystal Holidays will continue to unanimously agree, direct the ship to the destination successfully and realize the proposed goals of Crystal Holidays in particular and Everland Group in general.

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