On 7th Feb 2020, in Hanoi, Crystal Holidays (a member of Everland Group) and Centara Hotels & Resorts (Thailand) agreed on a long-term strategic cooperation in Vietnam. This cooperation was started with the agreement on the management and operation of the Crystal Holidays Harbor Van Don Project, Quang Ninh Province.

Attending the signing ceremony were Mr. Le Dinh Vinh – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum President of Everland Group, Mr. Ta Duc Quyet – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mai Quyen Tourism Company, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich – General Director of Crystal Holidays Company and some other leaders of the organization. On the Centara Hotels & Resorts Group, there was Mr. Andrew Langston – Vice President in charge of business development of the Group and some other employees.

Previously, from 4th to 8th Feb 2020, Mr. Andrew Langston had a visit to work in Viet Nam at the invitation of the Crystal Holidays’ Board of Directors to discuss the comprehensively cooperative strategy between Everland, Crystal Holidays and Centara Hotels & Resorts. On 5th Feb 2020, Mr. Andrew Langston visited the Everland Group’s Head Office, then examized a number of tourism development projects in Northern Vietnam, including the Crystal Holidays Harbor Van Don Project invested by Everland.

Centara Hotels & Resorts is a key member of Central Group – one of Thailand’s leading private groups operating in the fields of real estate, retail, hotel and restaurant with 70,000 staffs, 9 subsidiaries and affiliates in many countries all over the world. Nowadays, Centara Hotels & Resorts is the leading hotel management brand in Thailand. It also manages and operate a system of 82 hotels with a total of 75,000 rooms in Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Male, Oman, Qatar, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, China, UAE, Japan … Centara Hotels & Resorts is a well-known brand in the field of hotel management with Thailand management style while making use of the natural elements and indigenous cultures of each country. In Vietnam, Central Group has entered many fields, from retail, tourism to hotel management. It is also famous for many M&A deals, acquiring a series of large supermarket chains such as BigC, Nguyen Kim, Lan Chi Mart, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich – CEO of Crystal Holidays expressed his delight and appreciated the strategic partnership between two parties. According to the CEO of Crystal Holidays, Centara Hotels & Resorts’ hotel management and service style was very suitable for Vietnam market, especially for hotel and entertainment complexes invested by Everland and Crystal Holidays is a management and operating unit. Therefore, the strategic cooperation with the Centara Hotels & Resorts brand will surely bring success to Crystal Holidays, as with some other existed partners in Vietnam.

On behalf of Centara Hotels & Resorts Group, Mr. Andrew Langston thanked sincerely both the Board of Management of Everland Group and Crystal Holidays for choosing Centara Hotels & Resorts to accompany the tourism projects that Everland was developing. Mr. Andrew Langston also once again reiterated the strong impression of the tourism development strategy of Everland and Crystal Holidays, as well as the potential and great advantages of the resort and tourism real estate projects invested by Everland in Van Don. On behalf of Centara Hotels & Resorts Group, Mr. Andrew Langston affirmed that Centara Hotels & Resorts was willing to share its vision and experience in the field of hotel and commercial center management with Crystal Holidays. Thereby, this strategic partnership signing ceremony not only enhances the image of Crystal Holidays brand in the field of tourism, but also contributes to the implementation of Centara Hotels & Resorts’ expansion goal in Vietnam.

According to the newly signed strategic cooperation agreement, Centara Hotels & Resorts and Crystal Holidays Group will cooperate in the management and operation of hotels and shopping centers invested by Everland Group. In particular, Centara Hotels & Resorts will transfer management technology, support with staff training and communications, attracting big brands and well-known retails to Everland shopping malls. In addition, Centara Hotels & Resorts will support with the research and development of unique and high-class services of tourist resorts and hotels invested by Everland to attract more tourists.

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